We specialize in supplying various Fertilizers, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium Fertilizer, N.P.K Complex/Compound, Organic Fertilizer (animal waste, green extract, mineral base), and other Fertilizers.

With enriched experience in

  • Exporting to over 46 countries across South-East Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia.
  • Handling cargoes in containers and vessels with various sizes.
  • Offering flexible packaging options: Manufacturer’s bags, OEM bags in small sizes bags to Jumbo Bags (PP, PP+PE liner, Laminated, BOPP…)
  • Inspection through reputable independent organizations such as SGS, Vinacontrol, Intertek, and Bureau Veritas.

In VGF, we are dedicated to delivering professional services and excellence to our global clients.


From Vietnam, VGF is flexible in offering OEM and customization services for various ranges of Fertilizers and formulations with customized bags.

  • NPK and Organic Production: Customize the blend with various raw materials to meet buyer’s required specifications.
  • OEM packaging: PP, Laminated, BOPP, Jumbo, etc., ranging from standard to high-quality packing; customize packaging designed to your requests.


VGF is dedicated to promote Vietnamese products in the international market, including Urea, DAP, NPK Fertilizers, and others. Annually, we can supply the following capacities:

  • Urea prilled and granular: 120,000 MT – 150,000 MT
  • DAP 15-45: 80,000 MT – 100,000 MT
  • NPK < 50%: 150,000 MT – 200,000 MT
  • Organic Fertilizer: 250,000 MT – 300,000 MT
  • Others (Acid, Raw Materials, etc.): 200,000 MT – 250,000 MT

We desire to understand, expand, and develop the market with worldwide Partners.


VGF has cultivated an extensive international sourcing network in Europe, the USA, China, Russia, Belarus, and other regions. This network enables us to uphold our supply capacity, ensuring the market demands.

In our dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices within our sourcing strategy, we commit to the assurance of product quality through trustworthy independent surveyors.